Vis5D Documentation

Table of Contents
1. Overview of Vis5D
Vis5D Documentation on the Web
2. System Requirements and Installation
System Requirements
Installing Vis5D
NetCDF (optional)
3. Putting Your Data Into Vis5D
Converting Your Data to v5d Format
Map Projections and Vertical Coordinate Systems
Map projections
Vertical coordinate systems
Special Variables and Data Values
User Defined File Formats
Getting Irregular Data into Vis5D
4. McIDAS 3D Grid Data Files
Putting Your Data into a McIDAS 3D Grid File
Using the McIDAS Utilities
5. Vis5D Utilities
6. Using Vis5D to Visualize Your Data
Starting vis5d
The Control Panel
Controlling vis5d
Viewing Modes
Isosurface Color
Contour Line Slices
Colored Slices
Wind Vector Slices
Wind Stream Slices
Slice colors
Volume Rendering
Wind Trajectories
Wind Variables
Text Labels
Data Probe
Vertical Sounding and SkewT
Making New Variables
Cloned Variables
Type-in Formulas
External Analysis Functions
Saving Image Files and Printing
Texture mapping
Tcl scripting
Keyboard Functions
The Clipping Planes
The Display Widget Window
Changing the Number of Displays
Changing the Display Assignment of a Data Set
Changing the Parameters of a Display
Changing the 'Options' for a Display
Saving the current v5d file
Viewing Text Plots
Final Notes
7. The v5dimport Utility
Using v5dimport's graphical interface
Reading input grids
Selecting grids for output
Defining the output file
Making the output file
The v5dimport User Interface Embedded in Vis5D
Using v5dimport's text interface
Adding support for new file format
Notes on specific file formats
8. Sample Data Sets
Bob Schlesinger's thunderstorm simulation
LAMPS model
Example McIDAS files and utilities
9. Version History
10. Acknowledgments
11. License and Copyright
List of Tables
2-1. Programs (in prefix/bin):
2-2. Libraries (in prefix/lib):
2-3. Headers (in prefix/include/vis5d):
2-4. Data (in prefix/share/vis5d+):
2-5. Uninstalled files and subdirectories:
3-1. Arguments descriptions:
6-1. Data Context 0
6-2. Data Context 1