Chapter 10. Acknowledgments

The Vis5D project has benefited over the years from the contributions of countless organizations and individuals. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them, but we'll have to make do with mentioning those few whose help has been recorded in the sparse logs.

First on any list, of course, must be the authors of the original Vis5D: Bill Hibbard, Johan Kellum, and Brian Paul. They and their generous sponsor, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), made this considerable project a reality long before "open source" was in vogue.

Other contributors to Vis5D include Andre Battaiola of CPTEC (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Dave Santek of SSEC, Marie-Francoise Voidrot-Martinez of the French Meteorology Office, Dave Kamins and Jeff Vroom of Stellar Computer Inc., Simon Baas and Hans de Jong of the Netherlands for the HP/VOGL port, Pratish Shah of Kubota Computer for the Kubota port, and Mike Stroyan of HP for the PEX support.

The Vis5d+ project has been aided by the efforts of Axel Reimann of Humboldt Univ. (who converted the manual to DocBook), Jim Edwards (many API cleanups, etc.), and Conrad Poelman of Stellar Science Ltd. Co. (improved v5dimport, etc.). Jim Edwards would like to thank Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia Brasil (INMET) for its support of his work on Vis5d+.

Steven G. Johnson of MIT would also like to extend a special thanks to his physics advisor, Prof. John Joannopoulos, for unstinting encouragement despite his student's dubious pastimes. Steven's work was supported in part by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center program of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMR-9400334.

Finally, this project, like so many others, is deeply indebted to the free software community and especially the GNU project for many invaluable tools and libraries, a free operating system to run them on, and inspiration not least of all. And VA Linux deserves the last mention for graciously providing us with hosting on SourceForge, a service that we highly recommend.