Keyboard Functions

The following keyboard functions can be invoked while the mouse pointer is inside the 3-D viewing window:

Key Function
F1 Raise or lower the control panel window. This is useful with the -full option.
F2 Toggle display of system information including memory used and number of graphics to be computed.
P Print the current window image. A PostScript printer must be available. Set the PRINTER environment variable from your shell to specify which printer to use.
S Slower animation - increases the minimum time between frames by 10 msec.
F Faster animation - decreases the minimum time between frames by 10 msec.
R Reset the clipping planes to there default positions
B Turn of the window borders.( This is useful when using Sun workstations, an unsolved bug causes the borders to flash in a very annoying manner!)
l Reduce the size fo the Vis5D logo
L Increase the size of the Vis5D logo

If you want to program your own keyboard functions look the in the file src/gui.c for the func1(), func2(), func3(), etc functions. They are called when the corresponding function key is pressed.