Vertical Sounding and SkewT

When you select Sounding mode, Vis5D displays a vertical line cursor that runs from the bottom to the top of the 3-D box, and displays a vertical sounding window. The sounding window includes a SkewT diagram generated for grid data at the location of the vertical cursor (unless your data set uses generic vertical coordinates), and vertical plots of up to three variables. The user can interactively select and change which variables are used for temperature, dew point and wind fields in the SkewT diagram. Variables named T, TD, U and V are used as defaults if they exist. The user can also interactively select and change which variables are used for the vertical plots. Users can interactively control the background of the SkewT diagram and vertical plots, including dry adiabats, moist adiabats, constant mixing ratio lines, temperature lines and height tick marks. They can also interactively resize and reposition the sounding window.

When multiple data sets are being viewed in one display a period and data context index number must be appended to the end of each vertical plot variable (e.g., "T.1" or "TD.2").

The scale for the vertical plot variables can be forced to be the same for all three variables. This can be achieved by using the command line option -samescale or by entering the display widget (press 'DISPLAY') then pressing the 'OPTIONS' button and selecting 'samescale'.