Chapter 8. Sample Data Sets

Table of Contents
Bob Schlesinger's thunderstorm simulation
LAMPS model
Example McIDAS files and utilities

To demonstrate or experiment with Vis5D we provide two sample datasets.

Bob Schlesinger's thunderstorm simulation

To visualize the Schlensinger thunderstorm file enter the command

vis5d SCHL.v5d

To view an isosurface of QL (moisture content):

  1. Click on the QL button in the left column of the button matrix.

  2. On the slider, select a value near 1.0, then click on the OK button.

  3. Turn on animation with the ANIMATE button.

To view a vertical contour line slice of QL:

  1. Turn off animation by clicking on ANIMATE again.

  2. Click on the QL button in the third column.

  3. Move the slice by first selecting the SLICE radio button. Then use the right mouse button to drag any corner of the slice along the edges of the 3-D box.