LAMPS model

To visualize a LAMPS (Limited Area Meso-Scale Prediction System) model simulation of an extratropical cyclone, enter the command:

vis5d LAMPS.v5d

To view an isosurface of wind speed over a topography with map lines:

  1. Click on the TOPO and MAP buttons.

  2. Click on the SPD button in the first column. Then select a value near 45.0 on the slider and click on OK.

  3. Turn on ANIMATE and you will see an animation of the 45 m/s wind isosurface.

To make some interactive wind trajectories:

  1. Turn off the wind speed isosurface by clicking on the SPD button again

  2. Select the TRAJECTORY button.

  3. Move the mouse pointer into the 3-D window and press the middle mouse button. You will get a series of white wind trajectory lines passing through the 3-D cursor location.

  4. Move the 3-D cursor by dragging it with the right mouse button then click the middle button to make more trajectories.

  5. Select RIBBON and then the SET 2 button and try making some yellow ribbon trajectories.