When there are multiple displays you can group them together in up to 9 groups. To group a display press the desired group number 1..9 on the keypad. This puts you in group toggling mode. No other mouse or GUI event will be accepted while in this mode. Then click with the left mouse button in a 3-D display window to add it to or delete it from the group. If the display selected is not already in the group it will be added, and 'Group #' will show up in the upper right hand corner of the display window. If the display selected is in a different group it will be switched to the current group. If the selected display is already in the group you are toggling for then it will be ungrouped and the 'Group #' message will dissapear. Any 3-D display will be toggled in this manner until you exit group toggling mode by simply pressing a number 1..9 on the keypad.

If two or more displays are grouped together than the following will happen:

When a display is grouped or ungrouped the buttons on its control panel are set to their default settings. The graphics for every variable are also turned off. If more than one data set is attached to a grouped display and they contain similar named variables, only the first data set can display graphics for that variable.