Text Labels

Text labels are used to annotate the image in the 3-D viewing window. Typically this is used for making presentation graphics. You could add a title, your name, the date, highlight a particular feature of the data, or document the meaning of the data seen in the window.

To enter text labeling mode select the LABEL radio button on the control panel.

To create a text label position the mouse pointer somewhere in the 3-D window and press the left mouse button. A vertical bar cursor will appear at that location and you can now type in the text. The Backspace key can be used to correct errors. When you are finished, press Return.

To move a text label to a new position, point at it with the mouse, hold down the middle mouse button and drag the mouse. As you move the mouse an outline of the text will be dragged with the pointer until you release the mouse button.

To delete a text label, pointing at it with the mouse and pressing the right mouse button. Be careful, you will not be asked for verification before deleting a label. Once it's deleted you can only restore it by retyping it.

The SAVE button on the control panel will save any text labels you have made.

Use the -font command option to select a different font or change the 'fontname' field in the 'Options' menu.