Viewing Text Plots

When a button is clicked under the heading 'Text Plot', the text plot widget window will appear. This will allow you to select which variable you want to plot. Only one variable per data set can be selected.

The density of the text plots can be controlled by changing the number in the 'Spacing' field. The higher this number, the more distance there is between the plots. To view all the data points, which may look jumbled in some cases, set the 'Spacing' field to zero.

The font size and spacing between characters can be controlled by entering a number into the font fields, or by clicking on the + or -.

By clicking on the selected variable with the right mouse button, a color widget appears, allowing the user to alter the color of the text. If the chosen variable contains numerical data, the option for 'Multicolor' apperas. When this is clicked on the text characers will be mapped to their color value.